With warmth and kindness, welcome to my Milestones in Medicine!

My name is Christina, I attended Wayne State University in (my favorite city – as most of you already know) Detroit! Many of you may recognize me as my previous Instagram handle, @premed_warrior. I graduated from Wayne this past May’19 with my bachelor’s in Nutrition and Food Science while pursuing a pre-med route. I chose this major for many reasons. For starters, I did not want to be a cliche applicant. I attended a conference in Chicago – Digestive Disease Week and I took away an important lesson from my four day experience: DIET IS THE NEW MEDICINE. I was intrigued by the importance of what we put in our bodies and how it affects our health. The knowledge I gain by the classes I major in will help me as I embark in my journey as a precise physician. The reasoning behind my minor is truly simple – I love to debate. Debating about controversial topics ESPECIALLY in the world of health care enticed me in my first philosophy class. Learning about what other people think about controversial topics compared to my thought process was an amazing exercise. Taking these courses in ethics will also prepare me for the MMI interviews of medical school.

I’ve gotten many questions in regard to my ethnicity, besides, it plays a huge role in my decision of becoming a physician. I am Middle Eastern, specifically Chaldean. Chaldeans are unknown to the majority of the world, there aren’t too many of us around. As Urban Dictionary likes to put it, “Chaldeans are Christians that originated in ancient-Mesopotamia and now settle in northern Iraq… Detroit, MI, San Diego, CA, Windsor, ON, and various parts of Europe and Asia.” I am a minority in the pool of medical applicants with a story that is compatible with my passion. My roots of becoming a doctor grew when I was very young and it has never escaped me since. Through many failures, trials and tribulations, doubt, confusion, I am still standing. Standing in front of my books waiting to read an acceptance letter from medical schools.



What is a milestone? Merriam-Webster dictionary says: a significant point in development. It has been three years in the making of undergrad, and three years of many significant points of my development. Find out what a milestone means to me under the “poetry” tab! I am here to document my milestones in AND TOWARDS medicine. Whether you are a high school student, a premed student, a medical student, a resident, we all have milestones that compile our being. Your high school graduation, placing into classes, completing your MCAT, and all of the little encounters in between shape us into the person we aspire to be. I know my blog will help many as I discuss MCAT prep, applying to medical schools, the interview process, staying sane through it all, health and wellness, expression through poetry, overall pre-med advice, and much more. Keep up with me through my website, instagram handle: @milestonesinmedicine and my hashtag: #milestonesinmedicine as I hope to empower and motivate each one of you ♥️