Whenever I walk from class to class I usually have my phone in my hand; I could be texting, scrolling through instagram, taking snaps. Today I decided to leave my phone in my pocket and observe what’s going on around me. Of course, I noticed all the students walking were on their phones. I posted a story this morning advocating “share a smile” so I decided to do just that – if only someone’s eyes were away from their phone. I walked into my lecture hall, disappointed in a way. As I walked in, a custodian was about to walk out. I held the door for her, and smiled.

She stops before entering, and looks down.
Me: come on through!
Her: oh no, you go ahead
Me: please, it’s a pleasure
Her face brightened up, she smiled, walked through the door I held for her and says, “You’re the only person who acknowledged my existence today. That don’t happen to me often. Now get to class, i don’t want you to be late! And thank you”
I laughed and wished her a wonderful day.

Dear custodian, I’m glad to have put a smile on your face today, as you have done the same thing for me.

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