It feels like I’m driving. Driving and driving and driving on this long road – alone. Today, a special someone crossed my path as I was driving. He offered me a fruitful conversation and a push in the right direction.

I went to a local library today to get some intense studying done. I spent quite a while figuring out where I wanted to sit (i’m picky about these things). After about a half hour or so I picked my spot, sat down, and set up my study area. I was re-listening to lecture on my laptop, reviewing the notes I took on my iPad, and had my biochemistry Kaplan MCAT book out for review and practice for my exam tomorrow.

Diligent, I was.
Deep into my lecture, beats on, understanding mechanisms.
My focus was interrupted by a tap on the shoulder. “Excuse me, have we met before?”
“No, sir, I’m afraid not”
“Do you go to Wayne State University?”
“Yes, i do”
“Did you know there is an MCAT workshop in the summer? When are you taking your MCAT?”
“Before the workshop begins, sadly!”
“Well, I couldn’t help you out there. But i’m going to give you a name and an address. You make sure you arrive to this address and ask for this person. She will help you out – a lot. Don’t tell her you know me.”

A ticket. A one way ticket to the top – by a strange elderly man who approached me.
We continued to converse… this could be the kindest man I’ve ever met. “What’s the difference between a surgeon, a psychiatrist, and a pathologist?
The surgeon works but doesn’t think, the psychiatrist thinks but doesn’t work, and the pathologist does both but is too late.” Laughter echoes.
My study break consisted of networking, learning about the ins of med school admission process, and purely enjoying a conversation with a stranger.

Could this be an angel sent from heaven? No I thought.. that’s being a little dramatic. Then I realized that the man I just met has the same name as my uncle who just passed away a few months ago. You could call this a coincidence, or you could call this is a sign. I’m calling this one a sign.

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