This photo looks like your typical strategically taken photo in front of a mural in a bustling city. What you don’t know is what happened during and after that shot. As I was posing, a man in his mid 40’s walked by, kindly smiles and says “I see you girl! Work it!” Naturally, I said thank you and thought that would be the end to our encounter. Before we took off, the man continues, “is there any way y’all could get me something to eat? I’m really hungry and sure would appreciate it.” Of course, we exclaim! We turn the corner and head into a small bar and grille. The hostess greets us and says, “table for three?!” We explain that we’re not here to dine in, instead we’re buying this gentleman a meal and continuing our little MOGO adventure. The hostess, stunned, repeats “so you guys are just buying his food and leaving?” We nod as she bursts into tears. “There aren’t many of you out here. It’s rare to run into good hearted people such as yourselves. Your good karma will come back, believe it.”
Hugs and tears were exchanged.

Assisting the homeless or the hungry isn’t new to me, especially being in Detroit. This time, however, had an amplified gratitude. Doing something that isn’t strange to me touched a few different hearts – and that’s worth every penny.

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