Remember me? I know, I know… it’s been a while. I’ve taken some much needed time off of the ‘gram as well as my blog, all for good intentions. Life has been very different without having something to study for, but I am so grateful for the raw lessons I’m learning in between. I’m going to be answering some re-occurring questions from my DM’s as well as some life updates along the way, grab your coffee and enjoy☕️


For those of you who are new to my journey, here’s a quick re-cap of my latest milestone. I graduated with my bachelor’s degree in nutrition & food science / health care ethics this past May! It was an exciting milestone to achieve, but more important matters in my life were going on during that time period. There are so many moments that occur in our personal lives that aren’t highlighted on social media and to be honest – why should they be? There is such a fine line between ‘blogging’ and over-sharing, that sometimes, we all need a step back. Since I began my platform back in 2017, the community I grew in evolved, and so did I. One must be careful having a presence on social media, it’s very easy to get carried away in the hype and become someone you’re not. 


My mini cleanse from Instagram didn’t stop there. I refrained from using my phone as much all together these past few months (unless it was work related), to tune into my inner self and capture life’s beautiful journey with my eyes rather than my iPhone. I knew it wouldn’t last long because I love connecting with my insta family, sharing my journey with you guys through photos and my thoughts turned to captions has always gratified me. My gap year has been filled with work, family, travel(s), travel planning and finding myself on a deeper level.


Most of you know that this year will be full of intentions to travel. Strategic planning (financially and time-effectively) has been the gist of my research lately. I wanted to begin my travels by visiting different states and then progressing to different countries for a smooth transition. I don’t have much experience traveling so I’m learning slowly by doing research and gaining experience at a micro level before heading to different continents and customs. I can’t wait to edit some of the refreshing shots I’ve taken and finally post them on my feed! Throughout this year I will still be incorporating medicine with my travels. There are some things in the works relating to third world country physicians that I cannot wait to share with you guys.


It’s surprising that ‘milestones in medicine’ changes its meaning to me over time. How certain things are learned to be celebrated while other things are not. How I learn to love the person I am becoming, and the person I used to be. We shed our skin more often than we think we do; evolution does not only exist in the physical sense. I’m going to be utilizing my website more than trying to fit my thoughts on a character limited caption space on Instagram. It took a long time to realize that this transparent documentation on social media is not for the world to be impressed by, but for me to look back and remember. To remember who I was, how strong I’ve gotten, hell maybe current Christina will teach future Christina a few things one day. 


My Instagram page will always relate to being a future physician. I crave that goal more and more as each day passes. Presently, I’m just enjoying life’s pleasures before medical school begins. I want to be satisfied with soaking up what the world has to offer before dedicating myself to academics. There are facets within ourselves that we haven’t discovered yet. Learning what these facets are and loving yourself more because of them is the purest gift you can give yourself. I came to terms with accepting that I can’t rush everything, and that I should wake up being grateful for what I do have everyday. Medicine is my passion, and what I do along the way will construct me into the physician I’m meant to be. I look at myself and I don’t see a mediocre woman. I cannot fathom into words what that means, but I know it’ll mean everything to me one day.


If you’ve been feeling stuck lately, and you’re reading this right now – allow this to be your sign. Take a step back. Take a break. Breathe. Look at yourself in the mirror. You have so many qualities you have yet to discover. Don’t beat yourself up for the things that you are surrounded by now.

There are going to be a lot of obstacles. You might’ve heard the quote that life has its ups and downs… but it doesn’t emphasize on the downs that are so deep you dive into darkness. The darkness you can swim through or drown in. Don’t drown. You’ve gotten this far because you know how to swim. Don’t let your weakness overpower your talent.


For those who have connected with me on Instagram, I believe in you more than you know. I relate to your concerns as a pre-med student, but it’s my God given duty to ignite your passion as a decent human being. In a world where social media has been a showcase, I want my online presence to have a more unique meaning. This cannot happen without you, my readers. Engage with me on my Instagram so that we can organically build a tribe of warriors who can vibe to a level of comfort. I’ll meet you all in the comment section of my latest post! 


XO ~ Christina @milestonesinmedicine

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