The burning sun, warm winds, blooming flowers, and outdoor events going on during the summer sure know how to discourage any student. As someone taking summer classes and trying to complete their application, I’ve lost a lot of my motivation. After trying different methods to stay focused and disciplined, I’ve finally found a few different outlets that work for me. The theme in these next factors actually have NOTHING to do with school or studying. Time management, constant planning (see hourly schedule downloads), and setting daily goals have brought balance in my summer student life.


Working out: If you follow my journey through my Instagram stories, you know that I love to go to the gym. You also could notice that I go on the same days, at the same times. I believe that getting your blood flowing in the morning (an hour after you wake up – and after coffee of course☕) will set you up for success and motivation for the rest of the day. I don’t go to the gym to lose weight, but to keep my body moving since I spend most of my time sitting down while I study.

Self care: I haven’t posted a lot of my skin care regimen or my history of any skin related care (mainly because I was anonymous). Many of you reached out to me explaining that there was a connection barrier in that aspect. I haven’t talked about this on my platform just yet, but I actually spend a lot of time seeking and adjusting self care. My dermatologist and I have an amazing relationship. She knows what I want and through every appointment we get closer to better results. I treat past acne scars with chemical peels, and a few different topical creams. These facials, peels, and makeup breaks are so important to me, it’s truly when I feel like I can escape from any stresses. We usually correlate relaxation with a “spa day” and that’s basically it for me.

Connection: Connecting and interacting with your family and friends has a lot to do with your health and well being. Talking to your support system, laughing and creating memories with each other, that’s what matters at the end of the day. Once you’ve spent that time with the people who want you to succeed, you will get back to your grind and hustle harder. Take that night out, have a drink, dance it off.

Extra-curricular’s: Work on getting more patient contact hours, volunteer-work, research, shadowing, publications. Summer time is the perfect time to explore the world of medicine and finding your niche. Although you might need all of these factors on your application, think of it as a break; a break from studying and a mini avenue to what you might expect in medical school. I know I looked forward to being in the hospital, to put my scrubs on and interact with patients.

Sleep: Rest is so crucial to self care! Having adequate sleep will give an ultimate boost and urge to study. There are ample amounts of scientific research correlating the positive trend of GPA with better amounts of sleep.

Read: When I say read I mean a NON medical book! Reading for pleasure puts you in a different world. A setting where you can live with the characters and go along with the scheme. Reading on my own leisure (outside, especially) has expanded my vocabulary and creativity.


During the fall and winter you bust your butt studying in the rain and the cold. Despite having summer classes or a huge exam planned in the summer, enjoy the sun. Enjoy the little moments in life. Enjoy your friends and family.



~ Milestones In Medicine

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